Points Event #10

Nov. 13th, 2021

Event Type: Autocross/Solo
Location: NCM Motorsports Park
Event Chair: Hayden Pirrera
Course Map
Course Map


Event Type:
Event Chair:


Entry Fee

      2021 Official Schedule

      SCCA Solo Racing Events

      (a.k.a. Autocross)

      Event Date Location Notes Course Results
      Test & TuneSun. Mar. 7thJames E Ward Ag Center RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #1Sun. Mar. 21stJames E Ward Ag Center RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #2Sun. Apr. 25thTwin Fountains Raceway RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #3Sun. May. 30thJames E Ward Ag Center RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #4Sat. Jun. 26thTwin Fountains RacewaySATURDAY eventRAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Open Seat Time DaySat. Jul. 24thNCM Motorsports Park 
      Points Event #5 • BORDERWARS #1Sun. Jul. 25thNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      (hosted by KYSCCA) • BORDERWARS #2Sun. Aug. 1stNCM Motorsports Parknon TRSCCA points
      Open Seat Time DaySat. Aug. 14thNCM Motorsports Park 
      Points Event #6 • BORDERWARS #3Sun. Aug. 15thNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      (hosted by KYSCCA) • BORDERWARS #4Sun. Aug. 22ndNCM Motorsports Parknon TRSCCA points
      Open Seat Time DaySat. Sep. 4thNCM Motorsports Park 
      Points Event #7Sun. Sep. 5thNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #8 • OktoberFAST Day 1Sat. Oct. 30thNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #9 • OktoberFAST Day 2Sun. Oct. 31stNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      Points Event #10Sat. Nov. 13thNCM Motorsports Park RAW PAX SUMMARY FINAL
      If you wish to sign up to chair an event (design the course), please contact our Competition Director via Email or Facebook

      Club Meetings & Other Activities

      Meeting Date Location Notes Minutes
      January MeetingThursday, Jan. 7thVirtual January Minutes
      2020 Awards BanquetSaturday, Jan. 30thCherokee Steakhouse
      Lebanon, TN
      February MeetingThursday, Feb. 4thVirtual February Minutes
      Timing Trailer Training DaySunday, Feb. 21stJames E Ward Ag Center
      Lebanon, TN
      Starts at 10:00am 
      March MeetingThursday, Mar. 4thVirtual March Minutes
      April MeetingThursday, Apr. 8thVirtual April Minutes
      May MeetingThursday, May. 13thVirtual May Minutes
      June MeetingThursday, Jun. 17thVirtual(3rd Thurs. due to conflicts)June Minutes
      July MeetingThursday, Jul. 8thVirtual(2nd Thurs. due to conflicts)July Minutes
      Dinner and Bowling SocialSaturday, Jul. 10thKings Dining & Entertainment
      Cool Springs, TN
      Meet at 4:30p 
      August MeetingThursday, Aug. 12thVirtual(2nd Thurs. due to conflicts)August Minutes
      September MeetingThursday, Sep. 2ndVirtual September Minutes
      Dinner, Drinks, and Arcade SocialSaturday, Sep. 25thGame Terminal
      Nashville, TN
      Meet at 5:00p 
      October MeetingThursday, Oct. 14thVirtual(2nd Thurs. due to conflicts)October Minutes
      November MeetingThursday, Nov. 4thVirtual November Minutes
      December MeetingThursday, Dec. 2ndVirtual December Minutes
      Indoor Karting SocialSaturday, Dec. 11thMusic City Indoor Karting
      Nashville, TN
      Meet at 2:00p 
      Meetings are held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00PM unless otherwise noted. All members are welcome & encouraged to participate!
      * Virtual Meetings: Please check our Facebook page the week of the meeting and reply as GOING to the event if you would like to join.

      2021 Championship Points

      Competitors who complete a full season within the same competition class will be eligible for the TRSCCA's year end championship.
      Rules and details are as follows:

      Competing With Us

      Your Vehicle

      Every car that runs in an SCCA event must first pass a technical inspection:

      Tech closes at 9:00a - there will be a $5 charge to tech after that time.

      • Tires - no cords showing or other damage such as bulges, nails, etc.
      • Wheel bearings, shocks, steering, seat belts and suspension in good operating condition
      • Brakes - firm pedal with no detectable drop with car not running and proper level of fluid in reservoir
      • All loose items removed (radar detectors, floor mats, etc.)
      • Hubcaps and wheel rings removed
      • All lugs present and tight
      • Throttle return action safe and positive
      • No excessive fluid leaks
      • Battery securely fastened


      SCCA events are a full day affair. To get in more runs each event, we usually do not include a lunch break in the schedule. Therefore, be prepared to eat on the run. Tennessee summers are very hot and shade is limited, so please stay hydrated and protected from the sun. The following essentials will help get you through:

      • If you're under the age of 18, you'll need to bring your parents
      • A valid driver's license
      • Military and student discounts require ID
      • Cash and checks accepted for on-site entry fee (credit/debit cards accepted for online registration only)
      • Lots of fluids, ideally in a cooler, and lunch
      • Sunscreen, SPF 30+ (you will spend 8+hrs exposed)


      • Helmet: The TRSCCA is happy to loan helmets, but due to the limited quantity we encourage our regulars to purchase their own. A current Snell rating is required by the SCCA: here are the current (2021) certifications. Full-face or open-face style is up to you.
      • Numbers and class: All cars need numbers and letters to designate their competition group. The SCCA has specific minimum size/location guidelines for these, as noted in Section 3.7 of the official rule book. We'll be happy to help you classify your car and pick your number. Reusable magnetic or vinyl decals are the best option, but blue painter's tape works as well.
      Looking for more information? Try the official SCCA website, or the SCCA Solo Rules.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Q:  I'm completely new to autocross. Do you have any videos that show me what to expect?
      A:  Yes!...
      Q:  How can I become a member of the TRSCCA?
      A:  Register online here or in person at one of our events.
      Q:  I can only attend for half a day. Can I still race with the TRSCCA?
      A:  Unfortunately no, competitors need to commit to attending the full event (which generally ends by 5pm).
      Q:  What class is my car in?
      A:  Most car's classes are listed in APPENDIX A of the Solo Rule Book and this cheat sheet can be used to help with allowed modifications. Clear as mud? Just ask a member and we'll be happy to help place you in the correct class!
      Q:  Can I carry a passenger?
      A:  Yes! Passengers (age 18+) must sign the Event Waiver before riding and wear an approved helmet. Kids ages 12-18 must also have their parents sign a Minor Waiver.
      Q:  Will the TRSCCA hold any (Track / TimeTrial / RallyCross) events this year?
      A:  We are working hard to bring new event types to the TRSCCA! Stay tuned!
      Q:  What is an Event Chair?
      A:  The Event Chair is the designer of the course for an event. They arrive on site early to set up the course and, when it's time, deliver the drivers meeting. If you'd like to volunteer, contact our Competition Director.
      Q:  I'm interested in becoming a SCCA Safety Steward. What do I need to do?
      A:  First, read the SCCA Solo Safety Steward Summary. Then inquire with one of our certified Safety Stewards at the next event. They'll help you with the apprenticeship.
      If you have other questions, don't hesitate to reach out through Facebook or email our Competition Director directly.